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Illustrations, animations and comics for a better learning experience


The main aim of ExplainWays is to provide engaging and effective visual materials for teaching and dissemination of hard-to-explain issues. In the struggle to do so no stone is left unturned whether relating to style, software, formats or techniques including both 2D and 3D. Take contact if you need the service, if you are interested in collaboration or if you just feel the same.




Illustrations for all purposes whether education, dissemmination or infographics. Character development for games or animations. Working in traditional 2D or in 3D.



2D Animation


Traditionally made animations often give that same feel as old records. Its like fresh and vintage at the same time and bridges for a lot of storytelling and attention amongst the audience. Lineart is in focus in 2D animation.

3D Animation


For highly detailed animations the use of 3D modelling of characters followed by rigging and animation is often less time consuming than traditional 2D animation making the process of doing realistic animations less tedious. Often used when aiming at highly realistic effects. Can be used for highly realistic effects in illustrations and backgrounds as well



If you dream of being able to draw in 2D, model in 3D or make animations in softwares such as TV Paint or Blender why not start with an introduction course for beginners. Courses can be made to fit your plans and ideas.