Animated Life Cycle Infographic of the Honduras Spike-thumb Frog (Plectrohyla dasypus)



Description: The life stages of the Plectrohyla dasypus frog was drawn to character and animated in the TVPaint software for the Honudras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Center (HARCC) working together with PhD. Jonathan Kolby to get the details on the frogs right. Actually the morphology of the tadpoles is not known according to Jonathan. Natural colors drawn from images of the real frog was used.

Video for the Botanical Garden in Aarhus (Væksthusene)

Presentation, Video, Photoshop, TV Paint, Premiere Pro, After Effects


Description: Explainer-video with speed-drawing and animations made in TV Paint and put together in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Thats me explaining about the garden in the video! Collaboration with Engcrew videoproductions and University of Aarhus.

Big Owl and Little Owl

Photoshop & TV Paint


Description: Teaching program using animations of big owl teaching little owl. Animations are made in TV Paint. Backgrounds in Photoshop.

Afteners og nætters floder

Photoshop, Flash, TV Paint and After Effects


Description: Animated video for the Poem by Danish author Kenneth Krabat. Single scenes have been published on different media but the assembly has not. Scenes are added and finished at the moment so the release will be soon and will be announced here and put on the ExplainWays Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

GIF from the work with the brand new small cartoonish animation - working title The Baby!

TV Paint, TV Paint and TV Paint again!


Description: Just for fun - but it is!