Dental anatomy



Description: Illustration explaining the interior and exterior anatomy of a human tooth. Opacity and whitening was used to create the look-through surface of the tooth

Blood stream

3D modelling in Blender


Description: 3D modelling of red and white blood cells in a vessel. This is perhaps the most common medical illustration at all.

Cartoon Style detailed Infographic

Photoshop - Texts in Danish


Description: On High School A level in biology eukaryotic respiration can be difficult to learn and understand. Here is a use of a cartoonic style infographic with calculation. One could ask the students to calculate the outcome of burning off one or ten molecules of glucose based on this graphic.

Hans Christian Andersen - The Tinderbox



Description: Illustration made for the danish publishing house Lev og Lær.

Illustrations for Poems

On paper, scanned and modified in Photoshop


Description: A longstanding work relationship with Danish poet Kenneth Krabat as well as a few other Danish authors has resulted in several illustrations mainly used in anthologies like "Ordløst" from the Danish association of poets.